Current Status...


Hello! I am finally taking some time out to make a new post!

I transfered to university, only to find out that I am too poor to afford to go to university! With no financial support from my parents, I am finally taking some steps to becoming truly independent from them. It's a much more dire story than that, but I'd rather not dwell on the dark stuff. After all, I'll have a loan worked out by the end of this week if all goes according to plan. Of course, I'd be nothing without help from my friends, my grandparents, and my advisors who have all so far turned out to be really cool and understanding people. The only one I can't get a solid read on is my Pol. Leadership instructor, but he seems nice.

Today is a monday, and I dressed in a suit for the sake of giving myself a little confidence boost for my first public speaking assignment. I got all dressed up and never got called up to give my intro. I'll be coming back on wednesday in sweats.

It's been a pretty interesting month. I am applying for jobs on campus and once I get my loans straight I'll be able to relax a little more and really hone my skills to be come the best writer/editor/videographer I can possbly be!

One of my most recent assignments was to keep a log of all media consumed for one day. It depressed me to know that because of how busy I have been I have been knocked back down to the consumer peg. Made my brain fill with juices again and ideas. Now that I have access to a whole studio, and a community of communications students to enlist help from I might try to knock out that big "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolfe?" project. Considering I'm gonna be on the radio soon I'm gonna take a crack at doing a radio drama of some kind."