Cyberwhatever:Choose Your Own Adventure


It is the late 2040's, and the old Alaska that humanity knew in the late 20th century is dead and gone. during the early 2000's, rapid climate change struck the state and left it completely inhospitable to all forms of life. The native Alaskans as well as anyone who had been living there prior was forced to evacuate or otherwise froze to death.

Somewhere in that wasteland, the land surrounding a fallout shelter was purchased by the Sahara Corporation. Over the span of a decade the plot developed into what was then known as Neo-Anchorage, a city built in a massive horizontal strip lined by heating elements. It was the sole beacon of life in that iced out wasteland.

You are a citizen of this city. You stand on the road outside of your apartment megaplex. You pay a cool 4400 dollars a month all bills totaled up.

and Blaire Thompson

This is a collection of surviving documents, recordings, and other transcripts.


Archivists Note: The collection is incomplete, some documents may be out of order chronologically, as we are unable to confirm exact dates and times. However, as the archive continues to be digitized, we will attempt to maintain a line of continuity up until the final transmission from that city.

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